Most people are very familiar with the version of Windows that came on their first computer. They know how to navigate through it like they know how to get around town. Upgrading to a new version of Windows is like moving into a new house in a different town. Things aren’t where they used to be. It’s easy to get disoriented and lost.
There has to be a significant gain in moving in order to justify the amount of time you’ll spend getting to know what you used to be able to do blind-folded.
The gains in moving to a newer version of Windows are; increases in speed and capabilities as well as security.
The most popular Operating System since Windows XP has been Windows 7 which gave us those gains while still being easy to navigate. Windows 8 was like moving from here to China. So many people got lost trying to use it that the manufacturer hastened the release of Windows 10, which promises to be a more user-friendly blend.
If you’re using Windows 8, don’t hesitate to move to 10. If you’re running Windows 7, you’re using what most people regard as the best.
Remember: If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

​​At Greenbush Computer Fare, the most common concerns our customers have are; Internet security and upgrading their version of Windows (a.k.a. Operating System). Both subjects are complicated…but we at the Computer Fare can uncomplicate them.


The most common Internet scam afflicting home computer users is one where a fake computer technician convinces you that they can repair your computer remotely. It doesn’t much matter whether they cold-call you or you call them via a phone number you found on the Internet.
They know what lies to tell you in order to gain your confidence, remote access to your computer and hundreds of dollars from your credit card.
Even if they were legitimate technicians, the types of repairs that can be done remotely are extremely limited. It is far more likely that they put the malware on your computer before they point to it and say: “Look what we found.”
Be smart. Take your ailing computer to a local shop that has a long term relationship with your community.

Greenbush Computer Fare Business Profile/Press Release - April 2018
Hi neighbor,
I’ve been writing these semi-annual business profiles for publication in the newspaper for most of the 20 years I’ve been in this business.
I usually take the opportunity to impart the latest industry trends and how we’ve grown and diversified in order to provide what our customers want.
This time I feel I must break that mold and discuss the plethora of obstructions to our growth.
I used to think that in order to draw customers to my stores I simply had to provide better products and services than the competition. While true, that goal became secondary to a mountain of impediments; taxes, fees, rules and regulations that government imposed on Main-Street marketplaces.
Over the past decade, we’ve endured the implementation of growth stifling political policies that government substituted for growth oriented economic policies.
Those policies practiced by federal, state and some municipal governing bodies have been particularly devastating to local businesses of upstate New York.
Greenbush Computer Fare has been just as affected as most other enterprises as we had to close one of our locations and lay off many employees. The government-imposed costs of doing business had outpaced the traditional concerns of simple supply and demand.
That all changed last year as our new president began implementing sound economic policies that simply allowed consumers and producers alike more personal financial latitude. The results of these policies have been surprisingly quick in their effectiveness. Consumers are consuming at a faster rate than we have been able to accommodate them.
Today we are struggling to acquire the inventory necessary to meet this rapid increase in demand. Sounds like tough problem, right? LOL.
We’ve taken in more computer repair work than we can handle lately to the point where repair turn-around times have become excessive and we’ve actually had to turn away customers.
Can we assume this trend to continue and start hiring more technicians?  
Well, we also have to consider that not all of our governing bodies are on the same page. The costs of hiring are still growing and there are new state efforts to raise taxes including an Internet sales tax.
We’re receiving requests from industry leaders to call our legislators and express opposition to these new taxes but we don’t have time for that. If that’s something you can do we sure would appreciate it.
I want to thank all our past and future customers for their loyalty and patience.

This month marks the beginning of our 20th year in the business of computer sales and service - two decades in an industry of constant growth and change.
Do you remember what the computer industry looked like 20 years ago?  The Internet was in its infancy and could only be accessed through your phone line. It was very slow and you couldn’t use your phone while you were online. Would you believe we still have a couple of customers using dial-up?
We had virtually no email or cell phones or digital cameras back then either. Today’s computers have all that and more built into ever more compact designs.
Greenbush Computer Fare has adapted and diversified to supply and service this new technology while retaining the ability to keep the older systems running for our customers who still rely on them. We still have mechanics, machinists and other business customers who need computers to run Windows 95, XP or even DOS…and we’re still able to fill those needs.  
The mainstay of our business revolves around repairing home and business computers whose owners rely on them daily. Some repairs can be made quickly and we can have you back online the same day but sometimes we’ll have multiple urgent repairs come in at a time when our workbenches are already filled. We will do everything we can to accommodate our customers’ urgency but if the repair requires a unique part that has to be shipped from far away, it might be time for a back-up plan. A back-up computer is almost essential these days. We often hear people lament how reliant they are on their computers and how they cannot get anything done when theirs is in the shop. The second most common frustration we hear from our customers is that they have never backed up their important data…and their hard drive just crashed. How important are those pictures, homework or business contacts you have stored in that one and only location? Do you worry about losing them? A second computer or laptop can save us all from these anxieties and there is never a better time to get one than right now. Most of our refurbished computers run between $100 - $200, a small price to pay for peace of mind. So pay us a visit…and unlike the big box stores, we would love to hear about your dog… or garden.