First Compaq Portable. This model weighs 28lbs. and had a price tag of $3,590 when it was first released in January of 1983.

GRiD 1450SX laptop

IBM PS2 model L40SX

Macintosh Plus. Released on January 16th, 1986 with a price tag of $2,599

IBM 5150 model 68, one of IBM's first portable computers, was released in February 1984 and priced at $4,225

IBM Convertible 5140, from 1986, 4.77MHz, weighs 12lbs and cost $1995

Compaq LTE Elite 4/75c

Expansion "Side-Car" attachment for the PC Junior...and wireless keyboard

IBM PC Junior (Circa 1982-1987)

Zenith model ZWL-183-93

Compaq Portable III. Released in 1987 with a price of around $5,000.

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Commodore 64 w/ 1702 CRT monitor